New Orleans (September 2008)

New Orleans - Apparently there was some kind of storm here a few years ago.

I looked out the window of the taxi on the drive into New Orleans and remarked 'There's still so much devastation - I can't believe they haven't cleaned this mess up' to which the driver stared at me and said 'This part of the city wasn't affected by the hurricane - its always looked like this.'

I came to New Orleans to do battle with the Gray Ghost, a notorious vigilante who's been systematically painting over any graffiti he can find with the same shade of grey paint since 1997. Consequently he's done more damage to the culture of the city than any section five hurricane could ever hope to achieve.

Three years after Katrina I wanted to highlight the state of the clean-up operation. Only later did it dawn on me that if you choose to do this by drawing all over their stuff, you're actually only slowing down that clean-up operaton.