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BANKSY (Director) Hailing from Bristol, England, Banksy's idiosyncratic brand of street art developed after his efforts at producing more conventional New York-style graffiti apparently proved a failure. Turning to stencils, he developed a voice that was both provocative and unique, and set about decorating city centre locations with life size iconography and wry humor. Notable targets have included the separation barrier in Palestine, New Orleans levee wall and the penguin enclosure at London Zoo.

Largely avoiding traditional art galleries Banksy has instead favored disused warehouses and abandoned shop fronts for art shows, displaying work in London, Los Angeles, New York and Bethlehem. He has produced his own range of forged currency, pseudo-ancient artifacts and guilt-framed classical ʻmasterpiecesʼ, which are then surreptitiously added to the collections of venerable institutions such as the Louvre and the British Museum. His street pieces, which have come to include sculpture and installations, are now often removed and sold at auction, but have also on occasion been granted preservation status by the very city councils once so vehement about their removal. “It's easier to get forgiveness than permission” he commented.

JAIMIE DʼCRUZ (Producer) Jaimie is a producer and director with a background in music journalism. He has a wide range of British television credits including writing and directing polemics about contemporary cultural issues, producing and presenting a late night TV talk show on underground culture and making formatted reality shows with a pop culture twist. Before Exit Through The Gift Shop, his first theatrical feature, Jaimie had been series-producing Hugh's Chicken Run, a high profile series of campaigning documentaries about factory farming in the poultry industry for Channel 4 Television, and directing a follow up which controversially sought to turn powerful City investors against the board of directors of Britain's biggest supermarket by launching a shareholder revolution inside the global mega-brand, Tesco.

CHRIS KING (Editor) Chris has edited more than 40 films for television and the cinema including Working Title's Ayrton Senna, a biopic about the legendary Brazilian Formula One driver due for release in 2011, and Fox Searchlight's multi award-winning documentary Young@Heart, about a choir of senior citizens who perform punk, rock and hip hop numbers to audiences around the world. In 2010 Chris edited Welcome To Lagos, a BBC documentary series following the lives of Nigerians in the slums of the world's fastest growing megacity (“The best documentary about Africa Iʼve ever seen. Pitch perfect” - William Wallis, Africa Editor, Financial Times.) Other credits include Meet the Natives for which he received the 2008 Royal Television Society® Award for Sound Editing and a BAFTA® nomination for Best Documentary series, the docu-drama Hiroshima, a Day that Shook the World, for which he received a 2004 Emmy® Award for Sound Editing and a BAFTA® nomination for Film Editing, and Stephen Walkerʼs critically acclaimed pornography documentary Hardcore. Chris has recently completed work on First Light, a WWII drama based on Geoffrey Wellumʼs bestselling memoir.

TOM FULFORD (Editor) Tom has been a freelance film editor since the late 1990s and has worked for all the major UK networks as well as a number of those in the USA ranging from drama, documentary, foreign affairs and music promos to large concept entertainment formats. His television experience extends beyond the edit suite and he is equally at home whether heʼs filming undercover in military dictatorships or directing hard-hitting films about the business of organ donation. As an editor heʼs found acclaim for setting the series style for such successful international formats as Locked Up Abroad and Top Gear. Tom is currently working on Oliver Stone's latest documentary due for US theatrical release Spring 2011.

GEOFF BARROW (Music Supervision and Original Score) Geoff is the producer and musician behind ground breaking band Portishead whose debut album remains one of the landmark albums of the 1990s and was awarded the Mercury music prize in 1995. Working under his own name, as Portishead, and under a variety of pseudonyms, Barrow has contributed production work and remixes for artists such as Massive Attack, Paul Weller and Earthling as well as co-founding Invada Records in Australia with Katalyst (Ashley Anderson) and Fraser Stuart. In 2005 he and Adrian Utley produced the The Coralʼs third album The Invisible Invasion and, along with other members of Portishead, he recorded and released Third in 2008. Prior to supervising the music for Exit Through the Gift Shop, Geoff produced The Horrors second album Primary Colours, as well as BEAK, his collaboration with the musicians Billy Fuller and Matt Williams.

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