Pest Control Office (2008-2023)

What is Pest Control?

We’re the office that handles the paperwork for the graffiti artist Banksy. We keep detailed records of all the artwork, answer enquiries and intercept hate mail. We are the sole point of contact for the artist.

So if I have a question for Banksy I come through you?

If you’re talking to Banksy through any other channel - you’re not. Please bear in mind that we sometimes receive hundreds of enquiries a day. So whilst we’ll try and deal with your enquiry as best we can, please be patient. Banksy doesn’t outsource being Banksy to anyone else, and the service industry hasn’t come naturally to any of us.

If you’re thinking of writing in to ask Banksy to paint your sitting room or design your company logo - please don’t. If you’re thinking of writing in because you have privileged access to a secure facility that needs vandalising - please do.

I see a new exhibition of Banksy work has just opened, is it authorised?

Nope. Banksy has NOTHING to do with any of the current or recent exhibitions and they are nothing like a genuine Banksy show. They might be crap so please don’t come to us for a refund.

What is a certificate of authenticity?

It’s like an M.O.T. for the art world. The certificate of authenticity (COA) means you can buy, sell or insure a piece of art knowing it’s legitimate and the wheels won’t fall off. Pest Control is the only source of COA’s for Banksy. We issue them for paintings, prints, sculptures and other attempts at creativity. We don’t issue them for things like stickers, posters, defaced currency or anything which wasn’t originally intended as a ‘work of art’. And we certainly don’t issue them for anything committed illegally, because we have a lawyer.

The Antiques Roadshow sums it up rather well. Here.

Where can I buy new Banksy artwork?

Banksy is not represented by any other gallery or institution. Pest Control is the only point of sale for new work from the studio.

There is currently something / nothing available.

I want to buy a Banksy, how do I know it’s real?

If you’re about to spend a lot of money please be careful. Some people go to great lengths to sell expensive fakes with convincing back stories. In response to some rather tragic stories we’ve started a ‘Keeping It Real’ service. Here.

I am a journalist / media person - who do I contact?

For all statements, shrugs and pointless denials please contact

How can I tell what Banksy merchandise is genuine?

Banksy makes art, which generally speaking can be defined as something that didn’t exist before and that works in a specific location. Merchandise is taking one of these pieces of art and sticking it on a photo canvas or toilet roll holder.
Banksy doesn’t do merchandise. So weirdly, if something looks like a ‘Banksy product’ it almost certainly isn’t. The closest Banksy gets to making products are the small runs of weird ideas sold by GDP™.

So whilst it’s admittedly quite funny that one nutter in Norway legally changed their name to ‘Banksy’ in order to get paid to endorse wine, you should treat any such products with scepticism. Heard of the phrase ‘in vino veritas’? Doesn’t apply here.

I believe I have worked out who Banksy really is.

Great, Banksy hugely appreciates any suggestions and is currently struggling with that very question.
Please write ‘existential crisis’ in the email heading.

I have a rodent infestation, when can you come?

You’ve got the wrong Pest Control. Please refresh your browser and try again.

You are welcome to use Banksy’s images for non-commercial, personal amusement. Print them out in a colour that matches your curtains, make a card for your gran, submit them as your own homework, whatever.

But neither Banksy or Pest Control licence the artist’s images to third parties. Please do not use Banksy’s images for any commercial purpose, including launching a range of merchandise or tricking people into thinking something is made or endorsed by the artist when it isn’t. Saying “Banksy wrote copyright is for losers in his book” doesn’t give you free rein to misrepresent the artist and commit fraud. We checked.

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