Ukraine (November 2022)

Agile (December 9, 2022)

"I’ve made 50 of these screenprints with all proceeds going to our friends in Ukraine."

Visit banksy.legacyofwarfoundation.com

"In Ukraine I saw a Legacy of War team sweep in and provide medical attention, heaters, fresh water and a friendly face to some very desperate people in a bombed out building. They also lent me one of their ambulances to work from, which turned out to be extremely useful when an angry babushka found me painting on her building and called the Police. I feel the least I should do is raise enough money to replace the number plates on the ambulance I hotted up.." — Banksy

** We have been asked to point out that ‘due to the fact the production process involves Banksy attacking every print with a sharpened pizza cutter - they are each unique and will differ slightly from the one pictured’ **

From banksy.legacyofwarfoundation.com

Licensing (December 10, 2022)


Are you a company looking to licence Banksy art for commercial use? Then you’ve come to the right place – you can’t. Only Pest Control Office have permission to use or license my artwork. If someone else has granted you permission, you don’t have permission. I wrote ‘copyright is for losers’ in my (copyrighted) book and still encourage anybody to take and amend my art for their own personal amusement, but not for profit or making it look like I've endorsed something when I haven’t. Thanks.

Further details at Pest Control